Sarah is Tim's ex-girlfriend. She is portrayed by Anna Wilson-Jones.

Overview Edit

Sarah was Tim's girlfriend for five years until she dumped him for her boss, Duane, in effect sparking off Tim's meeting (and eventual relationship with) Daisy.

Living with TimEdit

Sarah started dating Tim in 1994. During this time, she became increasingly dissatisfied with Tim and started sleeping with Duane Benzie, her boss. In 1999, she dumped him and forced him to move out ("Beginnings"). She later sent Tim a letter explaining her reasons ("Battles").

Duane and Tim and Duane againEdit

After Tim shoots Duane during a paintball session ("Battles"), Sarah tried to persuade Tim to move back in "Ends". After this failed, she went back to Duane (Back) but it is hinted that she is still seeing other men (Gone).

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