Michael Smiley is a Northern Irish actor and comedian. In Spaced, he portrayed Tyres O'Flaherty.

Background Edit

Smiley was born in 1963 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He moved to London, England in his the 1980s with his wife, journalist and broadcaster Miranda Sawyer. He began doing stand-up in 1993, after accepting a bet at an open-mic night. He had worked previously as a cycle courier (like his character in Spaced) and as a DJ.

He became well-known for his role as Tyres in Spaced. He also played Jordan, a former member of the British Army's Parachute Regiment in the 2008 horror film Outpost. In 2004, he portrayed a Tyres-like zombie in the 2004 film Shaun of the Dead, which was directed by Edgar Wright, the director of Spaced.

He is presently playing the role of Benny "Deadhead" Silver in the British psychological crime drama television series Luther.

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